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Sharing their experience is an enormous challenge for grieving parents. Talking and sharing with others who have gone through a similar experience remains one of the most effective ways for parents to move forward through their bereavement, whether they have just experienced a loss or for those who are still struggling with a loss experienced in the past.


This service allows parents who have experienced similar perinatal loss to guide and support those who are dealing with the suffering imposed by this ordeal.


Having experienced this harsh reality and found ways to continue their journey, the guiding parent respects the rhythm and needs of the bereaving parent(s). They understand and recognize with all their heart the efforts made along the way and wishes, by their presence, to bring some light, human warmth, legitimacy, attentive listening, a better understanding of the experience and of course, support. The uniting in grief program aims at creating opportunities for moments of solidarity between grieving parents.

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